Hamburger Land

Welcome to Hamburger Land

Hamburger Land is an Independent Land Agent, working on behalf of businesses throughout the United Kingdom to negotiate and secure property deals.

Hamburger Land Ltd brings to the property market a highly individual approach to a very imperfect market place. We are able to take a very pragmatic view, based on a clear understanding of the needs of our corporate clients and their policy on land access and acquisition. Consequently  we are better able to tailor individual projects property requirements to meet exacting corporate objectives.

We live for the next land deal. That is no exaggeration, Taking the clients brief, searching our extensive archives, taking to the road, compiling a list of options, carrying out site search comparisons and making recommendations, until we arrive at the Negotiation and eventually “The Deal”.

Our aim is the Win Win scenario. Allowing the other party to feel good about the deal as well, it builds relationships and leaves no sourness on completion of the “Conveyancy”. We remain fully involved with all our projects from Inception to completion, it’s the least our clients deserve.

Hamburgerland specialises in

•    Temporary work sites,
•    Longer term workshops and yards,
•    Depots
•    Industrial units
•    Offices

All tailored to the corporate entity property policy as dictated by the directors. Distance is no object, we have sites being worked on Nationwide. Currently, Yorkshire, Humberside, Kent Hertfordshire and Central London.

Our diverse and highly professional team comprise Commercial Surveyors, Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Architects, Town + Country Planners, Building Surveyors.

So what makes us different? We deliver, we care, we communicate, we are multi-disciplined and we are great people to do business with.

We are connected to the latest telecommunication systems and remain on call 24/7. With today’s communications we are always on call, mobile, E- mail, text and word of mouth keeps us in touch. So we can be on site or doing the searching and still be at the client’s beck and call.

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